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Kristina Crooks
 Humanistic Ontologist
Life Architect


Be. Do. Have

In that order.

You have a fire inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

You are brilliant.

You matter.

 Your presence in the world is needed.

Your impact is needed.

You are sacred.

Your genius is waiting to be set free. 

You can have it ALL.


What is Ontology?

Merriam Webster: On·​tol·​o·​gy | \ än-ˈtä-lə-jē  \ Noun

a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being

Humanistic Ontology is the art and science of being a human being and has three pillars: Acceptance, Responsibility and Trust. This type of coaching takes an in-depth exploration into the beliefs you hold and the reality you are creating. We will consciously replace judgement and certainty with discernment and curiosity to design the  life of your dreams . Together, we identify what needs to be added, removed or transformed in order to align your BEING with your DOING, so you can HAVE the life you want. 

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Kristina Crooks Show:
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Breakthrough Session

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Surround yourself with creative, ambitious,  entrepreneurs and leaders committed to living their best life and eliminating self imposed limitations. Weekly group sessions or engage at your own pace


“Hi Kristina, been thinking about our time together and the gift of fully accepting, in a neutral way. Your event was a life changer for me. Not overnight, it was the beginning. Iam back home to me with self acceptance in my emotional waves. Thank you for being a beautiful woman and part of this journey of life. ”

Participant of Love VS Fear workshop, 4 years after


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Sally Prosser,
Voice and Public Speaking Coach

When I met Kristina via Clubhouse I knew I needed to work with her - and I'm so glad I did! I was lacking clarity in my business and felt unsure of my next move. Kristina helped me get to the root of why certain thoughts were surfacing and guided me to a level of acute self-awareness. I had several breakthrough realizations during our sessions which have moved me forward in leaps and bounds. I understand so much more about myself and feel confident, content and excited for what the future holds.

I'd highly recommend Kristina to anyone wanting to uplevel their life. Thanks Kristina!

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Charity Youngblood,
Digital Producer

Kristina is one of the most phenomenal people I know. Her dedication and passion towards helping others reach their self-improvement goals, is remarkable. It is truly an honor to know her. She is genuine, compassionate, intelligent, driven and most of all, an incredible positive force of nature.

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Hans Phillips, Ontoco
Executive Performance Coach

Kristina is one of the most phenomenal people I know. Her dedication and passion towards helping others reach their self-improvement goals, is remarkable. It is truly an honor to know her. She is genuine, compassionate, intelligent, driven and most of all, an incredible positive force of nature.

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Jakey Toor,
Certified SIY Teacher


Kristina is an amazing coach, who leads by example, and inspired me, for the first time, to live life 100% on my own terms — every aspect of it. It was so powerful, and I’m grateful for all we created in the space of our sessions together; I woke up yesterday morning, the day after we completed, feeling very empowered, and also very calm, and centered. Two feelings I occasionally experience together, and when I do, I feel like I’m on the right track. Thanks Kristina.

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Amy Sendrea, C-Life Studio, Fitness Coach 

I had the wonderful privilege of being introduced and coached by Kristina. Her fearless, bold coaching connected with my spirit and magic happened. A revelation so deep that hit my heart like an unexpected powerful wave. It was so profound that it left me speechless. The message was my truth, yet I was completely unaware of it. Sometimes what you think is your challenge is not your challenge after all. This is what Kristina’s coaching did for me. Thank you Kristina. Externally grateful.

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Jamie Strong,
Real Estate Entrepreneur

I have the pleasure of talking at length with Kristina every week (for several years) during a Mastermind group that we are both privileged to be apart of. I have therefore experienced the power of Kristina's words and coaching techniques first hand on every member of our group, each with our own individual issues, personalities and characteristics... She truly is an exceptional professional coach with an understanding of people, potential and behaviours far beyond her years.


"I really value the reality of PRONOIA! I have shared this with other people that are receptive to it, and all have been grateful to find other like minded humans! The stone you dropped in the pond is causing ripples in the best way. Many THANKS"

Client in relationship coaching

By my teenage years I was well acquainted with dysfunction, the impact of addiction and trauma. The level of shame I felt was overwhelming. As a high school dropout, I refused to be the statistic that I was headed to become, so I moved from California to New York and vowed to rewrite the ending. I restarted highschool, taught Choice Theory to teachers and administrators, wrote for the school newspaper, ran a culture club, was recognized for leadership by the Board of Education in my school district and graduated with Honors.

 I was Practicing grit, resiliency and courage.

Over the following decade, I moved back to California, nurtured a 10 year relationship, married, divorced and started over again at 30. I began to unpack the unconscious stories and beliefs that were holding me back. I developed a relationship with my inner child who so desperately wanted to please people, be acknowledged, manage chaos, be the hero, have all the answers and never be abandoned. I was a pro at having the right answers and creating order. I found that I was still ending up in situations were I felt exploited, overrun, overwhelmed and unloved. I knew in order to have a different life, again, I had to reach far, far beyond my comfort zone.



Most people know me as a woman who fills a room with energy, love and joy. They know me as a woman that values integrity in my relationships and invites people to discover what matters most to them, usually through play, depth, humor and connection.

I am all too familiar with shame, powerlessness and not good enoughs.


Who I am

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I walked on fire.

I hired a coach 

I embraced my spirituality 

I built stronger relationships

I became:

Deep Love, Profound Connection and Sacred Divinity     

I adore my fiance and our quiet life in upstate NY with our 5 mischievous kitties. I find wisdom in nature (especially trees), love improv, acting, sharp wit, and a heavy dose of humor. I seek out novelty, new ways of being and always creating something new. Some of my favorite people are creatives, creators, weirdos, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and authors; the ones willing to risk being seen. 

I'm in a love affair, with myself, my life, my clients, and my passions.

Big Love,