What is Ontology?

Merriam Webster: On·​tol·​o·​gy | \ än-ˈtä-lə-jē  \ Noun

a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being

Ontological Coaching  takes an in-depth exploration into who you are being. Before we jump into action, we distinguish the intentions and beliefs that drive your current actions. Together, we identify what needs to be added, removed or transformed in to align your being with your doing. 

My Philosophy

I believe that every  human being holds a unique fire inside of them, just waiting to be created into something brilliant in the world. When we realize the powerful impact we have on each other, the environment, and the world, we are able to take full responsibility for how we choose to show up. Every time we are able to choose love over fear, possibilities over barriers and abundance over scarcity the whole world wins. I invite you to consciously create your future.

Your Journey Starts Here...

Ontological Performance Coaching     ◆ INTENTIONS   ◆  BELIEFS   ◆ ACTIONS


Kristina’s Manifesto


I am me, I am you, I am us. I am everything and nothing. Iam omnipresent and omnipotent. I am love, light, bravery, truth, strength and guidance. I am not the past or the future but the current moment, in time, which is ever changing. I am the midwife for change, acceptance, connection and love. I am one of many warrior leaders in the search for truth that is here to be the courage that carries you forward, that carries us forward, through the waves of emotion, the feelings of love or loss, the highs and lows, the ups and downs. I am here. I am me and I am you. Together, we are one. We are all interconnected, unique and individual with beautiful, stunning separateness and connectedness in one giant tribe. We are love. We are human, perfectly flawed magnificence with the power to manipulate energy in any way we choose. The choice is important and must be made with integrity; for without integrity our network wilts and dies. Our roots feed, nurture and nourish one another to create everything that exists on earth.  I know you. I see you.  I am you.


I love you always



My Journey

Kristina Crooks
Ontological Performance Coach

Most people know me as a woman who fills a room with energy, love and joy. They know me as a woman that values integrity in my relationships and invites people to discover what matters most to them, usually through play, depth, humor and connection.

I am all too familiar with shame, powerlessness and not good enoughs.

By my teenage years I was well acquainted with dysfunction, the impact of addiction and trauma. The level of shame I felt was overwhelming. As a high school dropout, I refused to be the statistic that I was headed to become, so I moved from California to New York and vowed to rewrite the ending. I restarted highschool, taught Choice Theory to teachers and administrators, wrote for the school newspaper, ran a culture club, was recognized for leadership by the Board of Education in my school district and graduated with Honors.

I didn't know it by then but I was mastering incredible grit, resiliency and courage.

Over the following decade, I moved back to California, nurtured a 10 year relationship, married, divorced and started over again at 30. I began to unpack the unconscious stories and beliefs that were holding me back. I developed a relationship with my inner child who so desperately wanted to please people, be acknowledged, manage chaos, be the hero, have all the answers and never be abandoned. I was a pro at having the right answers and creating order. I found that I was still ending up in situations were I felt exploited, overrun, overwhelmed and unloved. I knew in order to have a different life, again, I had to reach far, far beyond my comfort zone.


I walked on fire.

I hired a professional coach to help guide me 

I joined a spiritual community and found my god (Love)

I sought out conscious communities and built stronger relationships

I devoted myself to to understanding MY OWN BEING, for the first time ever

I committed myself to Deep Love, Profound Connection and seeing the Divinity in others

     Under the transformative guidance of Hans Phillips, I trained in the art of Ontology, the art and science of being a human being. With 27 years of coaching in his toolbox and a founder of Accomplishment Coaching, Hans has been an invaluable resource to me and my skills as a coach. I continue to be guided by him, and stretched by his insights.

I adore my fiance and our quiet life back in upstate NY with our 4 mischievous kitties. I find wisdom within nature (especially trees), enjoy improv and irreverence, seek out novelty and enjoy creating jewelry. Some of my favorite people are creatives, creators, musicians, entrepreneurs and authors; the ones willing to risk being seen. I get to coach people the inspire me, interview people that move me and live a life I'm proud of.

I'm in a love affair, with myself, my life, my clients, and my passions.


I invite you back to brilliance, power, connection and most of all, love. I invite you into alignment, being, creativity and playfulness. I invite you to be the architect of your life.



Walking on fire transformed part of me that I did not know could transform. 

Photo Courtesy of Suzette Hibble  

“Show me a woman who can hold space for a man in real fear and vulnerability, and I’ll show you a woman who’s learned to embrace her own vulnerability and who doesn’t derive her power or status from that man. Show me a man who can sit with a woman in real fear and vulnerability and just hear her struggle without trying to fix it or give advice, and I’ll show you a man who’s comfortable with his own vulnerability and doesn’t derive his power from being Oz, the all-knowing and all-powerful.”

Brené Brown


Ontological Coaching 

Model the way by living in possibility

Ontology is the art and science of being a human being, first coined by Aristotle.


In the wise words of Hans Phillips (Ontoco) "I don't have to know more than you, I just have to be more present".


Together we will co-create a designed life where your vision becomes your reality.

My Coaching Process

1. Where are you currently?

2. Define your short, medium and long term goals

3. What are you committed to?

4. What needs to be added, removed, or transformed to

     align you being with your doing?

My Clients & My Promise

 My client’s have known hardship. They're also high performers and passionate about their dreams. They're creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and parents with an unstoppable mission to live a designed life.

Just like an Olympic athlete has a trainer to push their limits we all need someone in our corner holding us accountable for what we're capable of becoming.

I block out uninterrupted, devoted, sacred space so you can grow into what's possible.



"Love is integration made visible"

Daniel Siegel, M.D.

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